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afterwards. portland, oregon came in first place. >> that makes this one of the happiest place misthe country theoretically. >> but not for the traffic. stay with you us, new 4/contis continues right now at 5:00 a.m. a car slamses in to a building leaves two injured. we'll hear from witnesses. good morning, i'm pat lawson. and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today." we want to take a live look outside. it is 64 degrees. a nice refreshing morning. stars twinkling out in the sky. >> fall starting to set in. >> and some of the leaves are setting down only because it's so darn dry. we have had will this will drought on going and there we go, another string of dry days coming up. we do finally have a likelihood of much needed rain arriving on sunday, but for this thursday morning, no travel problems.
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off to work and school under a mostly clear sky now. and temperatures 66 at national airport. it's cool, down into the upper 50s now in western fairfax county, louden, parts of prince william. blue ridge, northern montgomery only near 60. and low 60s now in arlington and in prince george's county, southern montgomery is in the low 60s. only in the 40s now in western maryland and west virginia in many locations. eastern shore is near 60. this dry weather thanks to canadian high pressure pushing in, it will be in place here into saturday with the cooler weather and then sunday a likelihood of rain. it looks like it will end for the skins/cowboys game sunday night. how is our traffic? good morning, it is a huffit ise this morning. no problems to route on route 7. here's a dark look at 28 along the bottom of your screen and the dulles toll road coming at
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us. very few cars. 66 eastbound, no big trouble spots to start you off this early morning. capital beltway in great shape. headlights are continuing toward the beltway at the posted speed limit. back to you. two women are in the hospital right now after an out of control car went careening in to a restaurant in northwest washington. it happened where florida haavee 18 ath and ucht intersect. there were a lot of people walking around and eating outside. john schriffen reports. >> it's surreal oig. not something you want to witness at all. >> reporter: witnesses on florida avenue enjoying dinner were horrified to see this white car barrel down 18th street, plow through two pedestrians and end up smashing in to the front of the keren restaurant. >> there was another car coming either turning up 18th and making a right or was coming
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across florida avenue and it looked like she was trying to avoid the car, lost control of the car, and hit two pedestrians. >> reporter: authorities say it happened around 8:45 wednesday night when a crowded intersection of florida avenue and 18th street northwest. the female driver was taken in handcuffs by police into custody. >> we did transport two adult females in their 20s, one is a priority one trauma, the other serious but not life threatening. of course the police are investigating the circumstances. crash.driver of the car remained on the scene, however, she was evaluated by ems but refused transport. >> this area is just -- this are a lot of peds, a lot of bikeses, people walking the dogs, people playing softball around the corner. it's dangerous. >> reporter: and investigators are on the scene trying to reconstruct the crash and figure out what happened. police say it's too earl tloi
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say what charges, if any, are coming down against this driver. police also say at this time they don't know if alcohol was involved. reporting from florida avenue and 1th street in northwest, john schriffen, "news 4 today." metro continues to use holiday weekends to make safety changes. they will use the columbus day holiday to replace track switches on the blue and orange lines. that means more station closures similar to the labor day weekend closures on the red line. there will be no blue or orange line service at metro center. the red line will, however, continue to serve metro center. metro is suggesting you add about 40 minutes to your trip during the october three day weekend. >> this year you will once again see christmas and hanukkah decorations set up outside louden county courthouse. after months of debate, the board of supervisors voted against a ban on holiday displays outside the historic
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courthouse. they voted 8-1 to allow the displays. it said the public has a right to free speech and that holiday displays are part of that right. federal authorities are on alert for possible retaliation during a planned burning of islam's holy book. the fbi released an intelligent bulletin warning of possible attacks during or after the september 11th event. news 4's elaine reyes is live in our newsroom with the latest on the story. >> the state department has asked every u.s. embassy to assess its security. and while the fbi says there is no evidence of a specific threat, it has high confidence from credible information that extremists may retaliate. the pastor of a small church in gainesville says he's not backing down. on saturday he plans to burn the koran on the anniversary of 9/11. an internet provider recently pulled both of his church
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websites. the pentagon fears the burning will even danger u.s. troops abroad and government officials have tried to put pressure on the group to cancel. last night members of a mosque in silver springs held an open discussion about the event. >> so this man in florida is not helping. this is the wrong way of commemorating 9/11. he is the interests of united states more vulnerable and that is why we're very much upset that why he's doing it and why he is giving ammunition in the hands of the radicals. >> regarding the fbi bulletin, agencies say it is standard operating procedure to get them, but back in july, they came across some online threats posted about the church. pat, back to you. time now is 5:06. in the nation's capital. and the race no d.c. mayor heads into the home very much as the candidates work to get out the vote. >> what the newest poll numbers reveal this morning. first lady michelle obama
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takes her fitness campaign on the road. and up next, we'll check your early morning weather and traffic. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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64 degrees on a gorgeous cool thursday morning as we wait for the sun to come up and as we're waiting for some rain, tom. >> it's been dry, dry, dry. >> i hope you're patient.
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you'll have to sit in the waiting room a little while longer. good morning. at this hour we have yet another dry day underway and we've had those winds rather blustery yesterday that began to finally usher in some cool weather that's now in place here on this thursday morning under a clear sky, now a comfortable 66 at national airport. low 60s now in prince george's county and arlington county, but it's dipped down into the upper 50s points west. wth wat weather watchers mid-60s near the bay. only 40s in the mountains. highs today near 80. hots of sunshine, a blustery northwest wind. tomorrow cool in the morning, highs upper 70s. saturday increasing clouds with a high near 80. and then sunday the likelihood of a passing shower should dry up for the skins game. how is our traffic? it is all clear.
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dw parkway, 95, in great shape coming down from baltimore. no sign of that overnight work zone that held on a little long yesterday morning around the ipc area. taking a look it at the roadway, here's the capital beltway. headlights headed for the 270 corridor at a healthy rate of speed. 95, no major problems to report, but volume on the increase as you make your way through wood bridge. as you travel around the capital beltway in virginia, here's the pace that we've got at arlington boulevard. headed away from the camera is the outer loop driverses headed for the springfield enter changchang interchange. the work crews are not blocking any lanes. 5:11 is your time. 63 degrees. >> still ahead, the race for d.c. mayor. what mayor fenty wants from therd. plus the plan to privatize hick or sales in virginia, how this could affect where you buy
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here's a check of the top stories we're following at 5:14. two women are hospitalized after being struck by an out of control car that crashed into a restaurant in adams morgan. witnesses say the car was speeding down 18th street just moments before it cashed through the front of the keren restaurant. the driver was taken into custody. one of the women is said to have life threatening injuries. metro will continue to use holiday weekends to make safety changes suggested by the national transportation safety board. metro shut down five stations on the red line over the labor day weekend. two more stations will be closed over the columbus day weekend in october. service on the orange and blue lines will be affected by those closures. holiday displays will be allowed in leesburg. yesterday the louden county board of supervisors voted
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against a ban on the displays 8-1. the board says the public has a right to free speech and that holiday displays are part of that right. the parents of a young girl killed while riding her bicycle in fairfax county say their hearts go out to the driver who hit her. 9-year-old becky johns was hit by a car while she tried to cross the road. her parents picked up her mangled bicycle yesterday from the fairfax county police station and they had a compassionate message for the drive who are hit becky. >> it's okay. that's nothing we can do. just keep going. >> she's in our thoughts and prayers, too, because i know he's got to be feeling some kind of pain from this, too. >> becky's parents want people to focus on how lived instead of how she died. in the fight if for d.c. ma, a new opinion poll shows vincent
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gray is holding a lead over fenty. >> both candidates have hit the trail hard to make that final push in their bid on get votes. tom sherwood has the latest. >> reporter: vincent gray leading in the public opinion polls campaigned at a senior citizen home at lunch time. >> just doing everything we can to touch people. >> reporter: a new independent research pin gone poll shows gray main take takening a maintg a seventh point lead with 14% still undecided. >> one, two, these -- >> reporter: fenty on wednesday was at the upchurch street recreation somewhere in northwest. only the latest in a massive city wide rebuilding man of city facilities that fenty hopes will boost his re-election chances. >> we're excited about the last six days.
5:17 am
getting as many to the polls as possible, to convince those undecided and soft voters that we're the right candidate for the job. >> reporter: fenty in two years has raised nearly $5 million compared to a million that gray has raised in the last few months. fenty has $800,000 on hand, twice the amount gray has. but gray has raised enough money to be competent i have. >> we're helping with transportation for people who may need transportation. there are any number of people who volunteered their own personal vehicles. >> reporter: fenty alsole told w it top radio that he's asked president obama to endorse him here in the final days. fenty was an early backer of obama's. gray seemed to dismiss that effort. >> we've really reached out much more locally. we've touched people in the city, people who have been involved in the city every day. >> reporter: tom sherwood, "news 4 today." virginia's governor is releasing details of a plan that would privatize the commonwealth state owned liquor stores.
5:18 am
governor mcdonnell says he hopes to raise more than $450 million by selling off the stores to private businesses. also included in the plan would be a tax on alcohol bought by bars and restaurants. and the number of liquor high senses would be tripled to 1,000. krit are ticritics say that coua liquor store on every corner, but the governor's office says that's not the case. the plan reserves most of the licenses for large outlets like grocery and discount stores. this morning firefighters in colorado are finally starting to contain one of the most destructive wildfires in the state's history. overnight, crews were able to contain about 10% of the blaze that has charred more than ten square miles and destroyed 135 homes. it forced thousands of people to evacuate the foothills of west boulder. no injuries or deaths have been reported. however, four people are missing as many have ignored evacuation orders so they can stay put and try to protect their homes. what's left of hermine has
5:19 am
caused deadly flooding in texas. at least two deaths are blamed on flooding caused by heavy rains. one was a 19-year-old woman whose car was swept off the roadway by a swollen creek. at least 100 high water rescues have been performed in texas since the storm made landfall. several tornadoes have also spawned some storms. flood watches are up in several surrounding states as the storm moves out of teg as. and the time now is 5:19. on this turs morning, a cooler morning in the nation's capital and tom, it's cooler and dry. actually we like the weather. but we need the rain. >> feels great, doesn't it so? low humidity in place. big change came in overnight. gusted quite a bit, over 30 miles an hour in many locations, but the wind can it ddid die do right now the temperatures in the 50s in fairfax, arlington
5:20 am
and montgomery countys, northern neck of virginia, but right near the waters, it's in the upper 60s. and out in the mountains, it's only in the 40s this morning this many locations. eastern shore near 60. highs today upper 70s to near 80, but cool nert mountains. lots of sun and the winds will increase again later on this morning into this afternoon gusts to around 25 miles an hour, and then settle down a bit tonight and then up a little pit tomorrow but then should finally die down friday afternoon. highs in the upper 70s tomorrow after another cool start in the 50s. near 08 on saturday with increasing clouds. and then a likelihood of some showers coming by sunday morning through midday sunday, but ought to dry out sunday night for the skins game and then dry as we get back to work and school next week. >> ashley, good morning, how is the traffic? good morning. well, yesterday we had it shut down due to water main work. today more work, but one lane is open each way. now taking a look at 270 headed southbound starting to stack up, leaving 109 headed for the truck
5:21 am
scale, but beyond that, the pace is wide open, so after you mulgd through this, you would he rewarded for your patience. no problem there is. around the capital beltway, here's the pace across the american legion bridge. all lanes are open. back to you you. first lady michelle obama is using the first game of the nfl season tonight to showcase her let's move campaign. mrs. obama has been speaking with students about childhood obesity in new orleans where the season opener is taking place. yesterday she ran football drills with kids and former football players at a park near the mississippi river. she even took a handoff from commissioner roger goodell. >> and the season gets under way tonight right here on nbc 4. it's an nfc championship rematch between the saints and the
5:22 am
vikings. grammy-award winning singer d taylor swift will be on hand. kickoff is 8:30. our i'm ntime is 522. coming
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maryland police say anyone caught pointing a laser at aircraft will be prosecuted. pilots are joining forces to spread the word. officials believe someone is aiming laser pointers at helicopter and planes and the lights can temporarily blind flight crews. >> i can tell you firsthand, very disorienting. and like the lieutenant said, it could absolutely affect the air
5:26 am
crew's ability to safely continue the right. >> ocean city lied leaders are considering the outlaw of laser pointers since reports surfaceded. a popular vacation spot is dealing with its second sue anxious spill in recent months. garrett county officials are testing the area and he water after a massive sewage spill it that happened tuesday afternoon. 6400 gallons overflowed. officials say streams entangled float control device. physicians are testing the water daily until the bacteria count falls to acceptable levels. back in july, there was another sewage spill along the lake due to a malfunction at a pump station. the poor residents out there. tough to deal with. 5:26 is your time now. 63 degrees. a car slams into a building injurying two. we're live in northwest with the latest on this.
5:27 am
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good nutrition from the start. a small church still plans to burn the muslim holy book on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. we're live with more on the fbi bull lynn just released in response. good morning and thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." >> welcome on this cool thursday, september 9th. and it's going to be another nice day in the washington area as summer closes and fall comes upon us with some dry weather. and, tom, we're waiting for the rain, but enjoying the cooler temperatures. >> the grand opening of autumn this morning. we're cutting the ribbon on
5:31 am
autumn. it's cooled down a lot. dry air all the way from canada is in place this morning. and it's cool. weather watchers reporting in, thanks for checking in, greatly appreciate your faithful report. right now it's in the 50s in most locations in the shenandoah valley, the blue ridge of virginia, and much of western maryland. and far western maryland, the mountains of west virginia, only in the 40s. south and east, weather watchers reporting around the bay right near the waters in the upper 60s, but away from the waters, only near 60 there. and a cool weather pattern will be with us for the next several days as the canadian high pressures has moved in and is in place this morning and will be here into saturday. we'll have highs today reaching the upper 70s to near 80. winds should increase a bit, too, with sunshine. sunny again tomorrow with highs in the southwest and another cool morning, cool again saturday morning, increasing clouds saturday with a high near 80. finally much needed rain on sunday.
5:32 am
looks like it will dry out for the n. time for the skins game sunday night. how is the thursday commute? let start off out of northeast, eastern avenue down to just one lane and that is due to water main work. taking a look at the roadways out of virginia, 66 no problems headed over toward 7100. here's the pace leaving the fairfax county parkway. headlights are headed in the east bound direction at a very healthy rate of speed. no problems through college park, lanes open at tyson, as well. new details overnight about that florida church planning to burn a car ran koran on saturda. the fbi is warning extremists may fight back. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill with the latest on this controversy. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. so now we helearn overnight tha
5:33 am
the fbi is concerned that if the event on saturday goes through, it could put the u.s. in danger. the fbi says there's no evidence of a specific threat, but it has high confidence from credible information that extremists may retaliate if this florida church burns the koran saturday on the anniversary of 9/11. the pentagon fears it could endanger u.s. troops and the state department has now asked every u.s. embassy to increase security. >> it's regrettable that a pastor in gainesville, florida, with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and the distressful, disgraceful plan. >> reporter: but the pastor says he has no intention of backing down even after his internet provider suddenly pulled both church websites. >> we feel that is an indirect of course violation of our freedom of expression, freedom of speech, because they are
5:34 am
trying to shut us down. >> reporter: opposition is mounting from washington, from around the world, and from new york. >> if you're about religion, whether christian or muslim, why do you want to offend people? >> reporter: heightening concerns is the mosque near ground zero. moving the mosque would cause a violent backlash from muz him extremi extremists. and a senior white house adviser says that whooil the while the church has the right, he doesn't believe it's the right thing to do. members of a mosque in silver spring, maryland are speaking out against the plan to burn the koran. they held an interfaith dialogue last night to demonstrate their commitment to peace. the imam says radical extremis extremists -- >> we will remain peaceful, we will not be violent, we will not be demonstrating, we'll not be
5:35 am
breaking the windows. we'll be praying for the peace and praying for our homeland, united states of america. >> the we couimam says radicals up a small percentage. two women are in the hospital after a car went crashing into a restaurant in northwest washington fp it happened where florida avenue, 18th and u streets all intersect. megan mcgrath joins uses live from that area this morning with a closer look at the damage. sounds like a frightening scene pth. >> reporter: and there are serious injuries here. one of the victims has life s t threatening injuries. this happened at 18th and florida avenue in the adams morgan area. according to witnesses, a woman was driving down 18th street and
5:36 am
appeared to be trying to make a turn on to florida avenue when the accident happened. her car went up on to the sidewalk, two pedestrians were struck and the car ultimately landed inside a restaurant. >> she was coming down 18th street making a left turn on to that. there was another car that was coming either turning up 18th and making a right on to florida or was coming across florida avenue. and it looked hike she was trying to avoid the car, lost control of the car, and hit two pedestrians. ended up cashirashing into the restaurant. >> reporter: two peds were hurt, they were struck by this car. one of the victims has life threatening injuries and was transported to an area hospital. now, in terms of charges against
5:37 am
the driver, no word yet on who was at fault for this accident, why she lost control and went up on to the sidewalk and in it to the restaurant. that's still under investigation. as for the structural integrity of the building, we'll have engineers out here dark they'll take a closer look in the daylight to make sure that the structures around where this accident happened are okay. there are several businessis in the area, right now they're all encircled with tape. no one is allowed in or out until they can make sure everything is okay. obviously there's extensive damage to the restaurant, the whole storefront has been taken out. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. metro will continue to use holiday weekends to make safety changes suggested by the ntsb. the transit system will use the columbus day holiday in october to replace track switcheses on the blue and orange lines. that means more station closures
5:38 am
similar to the labor day weekend closures on the red line. the fair good west and mcpherson square stations will be closed and there will be no blue or orange line service at metro center. the red line, however, will continue to serve metro center. metro is suggesting you add about 40 minutes to your trip during that three day weekend. >> for the second time in a week, a frightening scene outside the discovery channel building outside silver springs. take a look at it this video. a bus burst this into flames. the fire started in the engine. the bus was destroyed. last wednesday in that same area, a gunman stormed in to the discovery channel building and held three people hostage. in baltimore, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive four-alarm fire that spread on 11 owe househousrow houses. the fire started on one side of the street and whipped to the other side by high winds. one firefighter had to be treated for minor injuries.
5:39 am
the latest poll is out in the race for d.c. mayor. >> we'll break down the latest numbers for you. also, president obama announces a new plan on get the economy moving again. we'll tell you what that means for you. and next a check of the early morning weather and traffic. hmm, do i wear hats?
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awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ we've had a clearing sky over the last few hours and temperatures have continued to drop. already now down in to the 50s in most locations west of interstate 95, mid-60s in washington right near the bay, but away from the water, only near 60. 40s in the mountains. highs today near 80 with lots of sun. a blustery northwest wind by midday and tomorrow 50s in the morning, afternoon highs upper 70s with lots of sun. increasing clouds saturday with a high near 80. hooks like light rain on sunday. it will he said in time for the skins game sunday night. a look into next week in ten
5:43 am
minutes. how is the traffic? in northeast, you'll find eastern avenue down to one lane do you know to water main work p ands also along 295 south bound, exit to malcolm x is currently blocked 270 south is volume only. as you travel along 95 out of virginia, volume on the increase as you make your trip you through morton. lanes back up to the speed limit. no problems on 395. time is 5:43. up next, what mayor an drdrian y is asking will be. plus a family mourns a baby's death. why the call for an ambulance
5:44 am
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this morning the search continues for the man who sexually assaulted a woman at a bus stop in fairfax county. the alleged attack happened early yesterday morning in the alexandria area. after police went door to door in that area looking for clues in the case, they also warned residents that the suspect is still out there. thin with information is asked to call police. a family in the district is mourning the hloss of their bab girl. on make matters worse, they're also facing tough questions about why the ambulance never made it. jackie bensen with the latest. >> reporter: these pictures are how she'll remember her four month old daughter. on tuesday, she got a frantic call at work, her brother
5:47 am
watching the baby at home said something was wrong. she was not breathing. >> i'm going through all types of traffic in rush hour. i'm going on the wrong side of the street, everything, and i finally got down stopped the police and told them i can't drive no more. >> reporter: she learned the baby had been found unconscious. her 13-year-old son ran across the street and flagged down a d.c. police officer. according to police reports, the sixth district officer arrived at the home about 5:01 p.m. and immediately began cpr. within a minute's time, another officer called 911 and an ambulance was dispatched. from george washington university hospital more than eight miles away. >> the police officer came and did cpr, too, and he brunk her back. somehow he was cussing at the fire department out or somebody out saying they need to be here now. >> reporter: at approximately 5:08 p.m., a fire engine with a
5:48 am
paramedic on board finished a call about three miles away and headed to benning road. they arrived about 5:14 and took over resuscitation efforts. about 5:24 with the ambulance stuck in traffic, the engine crew decided to rush the baby to the hospital themselves. pir department officials say every ambulance in the city, about 40 of them, was already on an emergency call except for the one at gw hospital. >> the theree or four chlosest units were on other calls. so the mipolice officers contind to provide the care. >> reporter: she says it just doesn't seem right. >> it also hurt because she didn't deserve what she done to her. >> reporter: the fire department says the response time was faster than the national average, that is little comfort to the baby's family. jackie bensen, "news 4 today." and with just days left until primary day in d.c., a new opinion poll is giving vincent
5:49 am
gray a leg up over adrian fenty. it's one of several polls that have shown gray leading fenty and both are hitting the trail hard this week to make their final pitch to residents. tracee wilkins joins us live in southeast with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of the things that this poll shows very interesting is that while these are two african-american candidates, this appear tos be a racial divide. this is definitely going to be a competitive ace. according to a new poll released yesterday, gray's lead over fenty has grown from a five point advantage to a seven point advantage. the poll finds there is a racial divide among likely voters of 62% of african-americans polled supporting gray and only 17% for fenty. >> doing everything we can to touch people. >> reporter: but among societiers polled, fenty has the lead with 13% of the voters still undecided. the mayor says he will continue his push.
5:50 am
>> get as many to the poll as possible, to convince those undecided and soft voters that we're the right candidate for the job. >> reporter: now, also, we're expecting to hear from the mayor. he said one of the things he wants to do is actually reach out to the white house. we understand that he has already done inthat and hoping that he'll get an endorsement from the president. also we're hoping to hear a report on how things have gone so far with this pre-voting, an opportunity for folks on do that. back to you all in the studio. president obama says it's time to extend tax cuts for the middle class. but he says the nation can't afford the republican approach of ending -- extending, rather, tax cuts for the wealthy, as well. during his speech in cleveland yesterday, the president directly addressed house minority leader john boehner.
5:51 am
he vowed to let income x takes rise on the richest americans, when president bush's tax cuts expire at the end of the year. he also proposed new tax breaks for small businesses. >> people don't want anymore stimulus spending coming out of washington. this is another short term spending measure. >> let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else. we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. >> reporter: the president said the republican tax cuts for millionaires are what helped spawn the economic problems the nation now faces. a federal appeals court must now decide if federal funding can be used for stem cell's search again. the obama administration is asking the appeals court to lift an order blocking the funding. this comes just one day after being turned down by the judge who issued the order. the administration told the federal appeals court yesterday that the order by u.s. district
5:52 am
stopped funding for embryonic stem cell research in its traction. he rejected the request to let funding continue while it pursues an appeal of his order. does your daily commute stress you out? if it does, you're definitely not alone. at least not in the washington area. the washington area has been declared the 15th most stressful metro area in the country by traffic was clearly a factor in these rankings. the site claims the average person commutes more than 30 minutes. d.c. has the second longest commute in the country behind new york. detroit was named the most stressful city because of unemployment and poverty, but life is considerably calmer and less stressful in salt lake city. it was ranked as the nation's least stressed metro area. >> i'm surprised that we're not ranked higher than 15th. we're very busy folks here. traffic to deal with. >> we feel like we're the most
5:53 am
stressed in the country. we're not having any stress in the weather, that shouldn't be causing you any problems this morning. we've had a rather rocky august and thankfully that's all gone. no big stores, no damaging winds, none of that power outanxious tyout anxio age type weather. and betwegood morning, low stre wet. there's the washington monument under a mostly clear sky. and just down river at reagan national, it's at 66 and the dew point at 45. a gentle wind out of the northwest. mountains only in the 40s. around the bay and eastern shore, right near the waters, upper 60s, but in-hand it's just near 60 degrees. and this dry and comfortable weather hangs to high pressure moving down from canada that is in place here this morning, we'll give it plenty of sunshine. going to be a cool morning at the bus stop. 50s and low 60s for the next couple of hours.
5:54 am
then by noon, in to the mid-70s and a blustery wind beginning to pick up. hots of sun with highs near 80. and then clear tonight, beautiful day on friday and saturday, increasing clouds saturday, and sunday, some likely rain looks like in the morning through midday, but we ought to dry out by late afternoon. and next week, it looks like dry weather. good weather for the election tuesday and now, ashley, how is the traffic? good morning. let's dive right in. 66 east bound, no big trouble spots leaving i 81 heading through the kalt beltway. those drivers headed away from us are approaching it and no big problems as you continue making your way through falls church in to arlington. as you travel along 270 in the southbound direction, it's heavy leaving 109 down toward the truck scales. fortunately no major issues to report along the way. out of the district eastern avenue you're down to one lane due to water main work.
5:55 am
back to you. it's not an official holiday in new orleans, but it might as well be. city hall is closed and the schools are getting out early. >> let's get the party started. it's all because the nfl kicks off another season tonight in the big easy right here on nbc. the super bowl champ saints will host the vikings in a rematch of last year's nfc title game. celebrations and a concert will headline the pre-game festivities. >> mark bar exercise hger has a. >> i'm not good at football. >> reporter: but you she can sing and she's part of the festivities. she'll at that time stage in new orleans along with dave matthews for a televised pre-game con certificate. a parade will also wind its way through the big easy, continuing the celebration of saints super bowl title. >> we're trying to grab a little bit half magic. >> reporter: same go for the saints. a banner ceremony commemorating
5:56 am
their championship will push 43 mostly futile seasons into the shadows. >> the shear emotion of watching that banner drop and knowing we were all a part of that and that banner will hang forever and we will all be linked together forever because of it. >> reporter: the saints also share a link with the vikings, the team they beat in overtime to reach the super bowl. >> i don't think you ever completely get over it. >> reporter: brett favre put off retirement at least one more season to take another run at super bowl glory. starting tonight with the saints rematch. >> it's a new season, so you have to move on. >> reporter: for the saints, moving on means not letting up. >> you play the game to win, so now that we won, we can't say now the pressure's off. >> reporter: tonight just the first step in a long nfl season. >> everybody says who dat. it will be the two dat because we'll win next year's super bowl. >> reporter: temperature be played next february in dallas.
5:57 am
mark barger, nbc news. and the season gets under way tonight right here on nbc 4, coverage starts at 7:30. and of course we're now just three days away from the big washington season opener against dallas. and the team and fans are getting pumped up for that big game. the team hosted two beat dallas parties yesterday at restaurants in the washington area. fans were given the chance to win passes for the game, which, of course, airs on nbc 4 on sunday night. the night life in the district is getting national recognition this morning. d.c. ranks second in cnbc's best cities for happy hour. nearly 900 establishments offer happy hours. the rankings also cited the metro system, portland ranked the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas.
5:58 am
ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. [ female announcer ] this morning,
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